Amici Parco Nord

North Milan is the third most densely urbanized area of Europe and this flattering distinction is the result of a period of growth, impetuous and muddled-among the end of the fifties and the early seventies of last century-so-called “marginal” regions, where the suburbs of Milan merged with smaller centers of “belt” as Sesto San Giovanni , Bresso, Cinisello Balsamo.

This plot is made of large industrial areas today disemsse (here was the heart of heavy industry in Northern Italy with Breda, Falck, Marelli, Ansaldo and many other medium-to-large factories), wide streets, malls, multiplexes, the University District of Bicocca and large working class areas, lacked a valuable commodity whose essence is a relatively recent achievement of the collective consciousness : green (lawns trees bushes spring breeze flower smell refreshing shadow silence space in which to walk do sports breathing). A large public park so a bet today almost made.

This gap was filled after the establishment of the Consorzio Parco Nord Milano, established by law of the Lombardy region, which includes the towns of Milano, Sesto San Giovanni, Bresso (later intitolatasi “Park City North”), Cinisello Balsamo, Cormano and Cusano Milanino.

Add to them the province of Milan. This public institution is headed by an Assembly composed of the mayors of the member municipalities and by the President of the province, or by their delegates. The House of Commons appoints a five-member Board of Directors, which is elected President (currently Flor, indicated by the province).

The decisions are not made on the basis of the principle “one head, one vote”, but the “weight” in terms of contributions, each participant institution. The city of Milan and the province “count” everybody for a 40%, while the remaining 20% other territorial authorities responsible. For more information about managing and the many activities that take place throughout the year at North Park (very present initiatives at schools), we refer to the official website of

In 2005 the North Park celebrated its thirtieth year since its establishment, with the law of the Lombardy region, establishing the first “metropolitan park”. The most important work produced in Northern Milan of the last years. The only one who can deal with the parks of London, Paris or New York without distorting.

Miracle, madness … Useful terms to define a climate, a challenge, a commitment particularly complex, where the selfless support of many citizens acted as support, to goad, to assist at public events.

Today, though not yet finished, the North Park can count on over 300 acres of green spaces recovered and another centinatio hectares still to be captured, with kilometres of bike lanes and paths, and then the benches, drinking fountains, playground, bowls and vegetable gardens for retirees, the pedestrian walkways. In half an hour.

Read the history of Parco Nord Milano comes from the site of the Consorzio Parco Nord